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Where Do We Start?!

Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, Square Six was founded to build hand crafted software for our elite partners.  Square Six takes pride in delivering high quality research, design, and development. 

We distinguish ourselves from other software agencies by maintaining partnerships instead of taking on clients. We are delighted to be able to design and develop products and be able to continue to help our partners continue to grow. Being able to see our partners bring their products to market quickly and start planning out their next set of features is what our business is all about.

We have had an opportunity to work on with both multi-billion dollar enterprises as well as startups that had nothing more than an idea and funding! Our proven development process can be applied to both paradigms. 

What's a Square Six?

The gap between hard science and technology is quickly closing all of the time. Our name comes from th​e scientific community. Most all matter in our world is either derived from carbon or returns to carbon. Carbon is everywhere in and around us. Carbon's periodic number is six and all of the elements within the periodic table are represented inside of squares.

Our intergalactic world wide headquarters is located in the historic downtown district of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. If you enjoy ice-cream, coffee, parks or college, we are within walking distance to all of these. If you stop by on the right day, you might actually see one of our office mascots, which include Ruby the golden doodle and Reba the kangaroo. That's right, a kangaroo. What other tech company do you know that has an office kangaroo?

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